Transitioning Out of the Swaddle

Your baby is about 3-4 months, and they just rolled over for the first time!!


But now, your baby can’t be fully swaddled anymore.

*Because: If they roll over while swaddled, the risk for suffocation is far too great. They won’t be able to use their hands to prop themselves up.

Your baby also still has the Moro Reflex that makes them jump every few minutes (and wakes them up too).

What do you do?!

How do you transition them and not lose your sanity?!

If you find yourself asking those questions, I have one thing to tell you.

Keep reading.

When Noah was 3.5 months, he rolled over for the first time. I was SO excited! At the time, I didn’t realize all of the challenges that would follow. We struggled to get him on a schedule, and he had started waking up every hour during the night.

Needless to say, this mom was EXHAUSTED.

I was on a health mentorship call one Sunday night, sharing my challenges of balancing mom life with being an entrepreneur. After I was finished, an angel in the form of a friend named Rachel appeared. She had her baby about 6 weeks before I did, and her little girl takes a 2 hour nap every morning.

She highly recommended a book called BabyWise, which is what helped her get her baby girl on a schedule.

Never had I heard of this book.

But then 2 other friend’s, Ashley and Maggie, chimed in! Talking about how one of the top leaders in our company, with 4 children, was praising this book as well!

The Universe had made itself pretty damn clear.

I was getting BabyWise.

My Experience:

Now as a new mom, I don’t really have much leisure time. My days consist of feeding, changing diapers, playing with Noah, and maybe I’ll get a couple meals in during the day. I try to sleep any chance I get, but let me tell you… I got this book, and crushed 140 pages THE FIRST NIGHT. I learned an insane amount. It was THAT good.

I implemented strategies the NEXT morning, and already saw great changes with Noah.

For Example: He had been “snacking” and not really having full feedings. He would have 2oz, then an hour later have another 2 oz. Maybe he would have 4oz in another 2 hours, and it just continued like that. That day, he had “full feedings” (4-6oz) TWICE! What a huge improvement!!!

He also took a nap about every 2 hours!!

I would HIGHLY recommend reading the BabyWise book. There you will find explanations for things like: A poor sleeper, snacking, crying uncontrollably and so much more! Transitioning your baby out of the swaddle will be a lot easier if your baby already has great sleeping habits.

To transition your baby out of the swaddle, there are a few methods:

Remove the swaddle completely

– Swaddle one arm only

– Swaddle with both arms out (wrap swaddle around the chest/belly)

Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit (highly recommend this!!!!)

Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit makes babies look like adorable little marshmallows (see below):

It also provides them comfort and reduces that Moro Reflex that I mentioned earlier. The swaddle had baby’s arms snug and unable to move. This Sleep Suit allows the arms to be free, while still providing a little resistance. It truly is Magic.

Now if you’re used to the swaddle, then you’re probably used to cradling your baby and rocking him to sleep. I tried that with the Sleep Suit, and it was not comfortable at all for him. I had no idea what to do at that point…. So I experimented.

WHAT I FOUND USEFUL: Instead of cradling your baby, hold him upright onto your shoulder as if you were going to burp him. Rock him for a few minutes, and then place him in the bassinet.

There are techniques to teach your baby how to fall asleep on his own and develop great sleeping habits. There are also techniques to help you soothe your baby. All of these are covered in the BabyWise book.

Noah slept for AN HOUR AND A HALF the first time we used this suit. Prior to that, he was taking 5 minute naps with one arm out of the swaddle.

To Recap:


– I’d recommend Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit to transition your little one for the next few months


– I’d recommend reading BabyWise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

– Taking @TakingCaraBabies Newborn Sleep Course (see my blog post Here on how much her course helped us understand our baby). Especially helpful for Weeks 1-12 of your baby’s life. She also has a Sleeping Course for 5-24months!

– Using Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Sleep IS possible for your baby, and your family.

Have you tried the BabyWise concepts? How about @TakingCaraBabies ‘ Newborn Sleep Course?

What has your experience been with transitioning your baby out of the swaddle?

I’d love to hear!


*This post contains affiliate links – Because: Two words – Diapers & Formula

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