Basic Human Design Reading – $125

If you’re fairly new to Human Design, this is a great place to start! We’ll go over your design type, Strategy and Authority. We’ll also have fun talking about your Profile Lines, and how all of this information can be used in your every day life!

Advanced Human Design Reading – $225

Do you feel the calling to dive even deeper into Human Design? Then this reading is for you! During this reading, you’ll receive many more details into your personality, and consistent energy channels. We’ll discuss your life’s purpose, energetic sensitivities, and ways you can incorporate this knowledge into your every day life so that you can live joyously and abundantly!

Parenting through Human Design – $250

Are you a mom or dad wanting to be the best parent you can be? Do you have an interest in conscious parenting and desire to understand your children more deeply? During this session, we will take a detailed look at your child’s chart. We will dive into their Strategy, Authority, Profile Lines, and activated Gates and Channels. This will bring clarity to personality traits, bedtime routines, nutrition, and setting up the best environment for your kiddo. Any specific questions or scenarios are welcomed to be discussed here as well! 

Basic Reading of Child’s Chart – $75

Are you curious about your child’s design and want to know more about them? This reading will cover their specific design type, and their Strategy and Authority. This will support you in setting up an environment to help them thrive! We’ll talk about bedtime routines, nutrition, energy levels, and how you can communicate effectively with your child. All ages welcome!

Coaching through Human Design (5 session package) $1,199

With the tools and knowledge of Human Design, anything is possible. Are you stuck in a job that sucks your soul dry? Working countless hours, getting no sleep, and seeing no way out? Or are you simply looking for a way to up-level your current status and live the happiest life possible? These sessions are designed to guide you in what you may be experiencing. Projectors (that’s me!) are designed to observe, find a simpler way to do things and have fun! Our purpose here is to guide others, and that’s exactly what I love to do! These sessions will be intuitively guided and there will be “fun work” such as self care, and having new experiences!

To Book a Session:

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