Healthy Mom

Fitness found me in 2016 and changed my life forever. I had recently graduated Dental Hygiene school and was on Lexapro for anxiety. I had high cholesterol, binge eating disorder, and would lay in bed all day watching Netflix.

At 24 years old, I was diagnosed with Shingles, and was told I could lose my eyesight. I asked the doctors what could cause someone so young to get Shingles, and they said stress.

I had just found my WHY.

I immediately started changing my food choices, and moving my body every day. I dropped 13 pounds, had incredible energy, and vowed to make this a LIFESTYLE change.

I no longer have high cholesterol, and I am no longer on anxiety medication.

Because of my lifestyle BEFORE getting pregnant – pregnancy, labor, and recovery were pretty much a breeze!

Now I take my micronutrients, a probiotic, and my all time favorite – SPARK !!

SPARK gave me sustained energy all throughout my pregnancy, and it helps me stay awake with Noah during the day 🙂 Best part is, it’s all vitamin based, and there’s no caffeine crash like coffee has!

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